Appropriate Technology Asia

why use appropriate technologies..?

ATA has found that a host of appropriate indigenous practices and technologies exist regionally. By developing and adapting these, and by incorporating new ideas, we can find low cost solutions to local problems without resorting to expensive and often inappropriate imported technologies.

appropriate technology...

- Is sustainable and has minimal negative impact on the environment - Is a technical or knowledge-based solution that uses techniques, equipment, resources and ideas that are suitable and fitting for both the local people, and their natural environment - Considers cultural and religious factors - Contributes to human development and the growth of social capital

appropriate technologies...

> are flexible and adaptable and are productive without harming the environment > use locally available materials and can be produced in villages or small workshops, often using existing skills > require only small amounts of capital, are small in scale, and affordable > are relatively labour intensive and provide opportunities for local involvement and innovation > do not require a high level of specialised training, and instead rely on community-led organisation and initiative